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Documentation Needed to Pursue a Settlement

The more information your attorney has about your case, the more quickly and completely you can be compensated for your medical expenses and pain and suffering.

That information may include:

  • Your vehicle, insurance, and driver's license information.

  • Details of the accident, including:

    • Date, time, location.

    • Weather and traffic conditions.

    • Information about other vehicles, drivers and passengers.

    • Names and contact information for witnesses and copies of any accident or incident reports filed.

  • Copies of traffic tickets written at the scene and information about any charges brought against drivers involved, including DUI charges.

  • Physician report and medical records related to the accident.

  • X-rays and test results related to injuries from the accident.

  • Information about pre-existing conditions or injuries that may have been exacerbated by the accident.

  • Record of expenses for ongoing medications, treatment, and therapies.

  • Any other expenses incurred because of the accident, including transportation costs.

  • Documentation of days, hours and wages lost because of the accident.

  • Copies of all correspondence with insurance companies related to the accident.

It is helpful to keep a personal injury diary to note appointments, expenses, contacts with the insurance company and your general feelings and medical condition following the accident.

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