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The Cost of a Personal Injury Attorney

The Costs of a Personal Injury Attorney can vary greatly depending on:

  • The complexity of the case.

  • The time it takes to settle.

  • Whether the attorney must pursue litigation.

  • What experts are necessary.

Personal injury attorneys generally advance the costs and are reimbursed from the final award or settlement.

With Reyes & Associates, you pay nothing unless we win your case!

Car Accident Injuries

There are many benefits to hiring a Reyes & Associate personal injury attorney when you've been injured in a car accident, especially if your injuries are serious.

Below are some of the ways hiring  Reyes & Associates can help you deal with your claim.

Experience with Car Insurance Companies
You don't deal with insurance companies every day. We do. We understand the process of reaching a settlement, and because we have seen cases like yours, we understand how to negotiate with auto insurance companies to get you the fairest settlement possible.

Knowledge of the Law
Our experienced personal injury lawyers know the particular laws that apply to your accident. Because of this, we see other avenues for a settlement that many other lawyers do not. This can be especially important if the accident involved an uninsured driver.

Understanding of Accident-Related Injuries
Our lawyers specialize in personal injury cases that deal with injuries caused in car accidents frequently.  Due to our experience, we have specific recommendations for medical tests and care you should explore.

More importantly, we will understand the long-term effects, if any, of your injuries. This is vitally important in deciding whether a settlement offer is a fair one.

Court Experience
Finally, if you are unable to reach a settlement with an insurance company, or if the cost of the injuries exceeds the insured amount, we can represent you in court.

This is essential if you have to sue the auto insurance company or others to get full coverage of your medical expenses and other pain and suffering.

Call now for a free consultation.  We are dedicated and committed to helping injured people seek justice through the court system.

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